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Power and Network Outages in Central Campus

Status: resolved

Incident report: Power was restored to the areas and the network is operational. If you are having network connectivity problems please contact the ITS Service Desk - Phone: (858) 246-4357 or Ext. 6-HELP, Email: servicedesk@ucsd.edu or the Self-Service Portal https://servicedesk.ucsd.edu.

Just after 4am this morning (2/28/17) ITS Data Communications saw networking equipment go offline in the following buildings:

Galbraith Hall
Urey Hall
Urey Hall Annex
York Hall
Pacific Hall
Revelle Provost
Mayer Hall
Argo Hall
Blake Hall
Revelle Plaza Cafe
Mandler Hall
McGill Hall
Beagle Hall in Revelle

Per Facilities Management, there was a significant power event just after 4am and they are trying to understand the extent of the outage. Power may be available to portions of the buildings noted above but is not stable at this time.

06:16:37, 28 February 2017

Contact for this incident report: Ryan Sullivan

This incident has been open for about 291 days