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Maintenance: Node V Backbone/Firewall migration

Status: resolved

Update: This maintenance work has been completed. Please report any issues to the service desk.
19:52:52, 20 September 2017

Incident report: This message is to inform you that ITS Data Communications has scheduled the following network upgrade:

This event will take place on :

START: 6:00PM Wednesday, September 20, 2017
STOP: 2:00AM Thursday , September 21, 2017

SCOPE: Backbone upgrade of Node-V. Migration to
Aggregation Layer router and firewall

IMPACT: All wired and wireless network traffic to and
from UCSD networks in the following buildings will
experience intermittent network outages during the
upgrade window. Existing firewalled vlans will be
migrated to new firewalls. Targeted e-mails will be
sent to sysadmins of record for these vlans to verify
connectivity after migrations.

Biomed Library
MTF Buildings

NOTE: This outage will not impact the campus
voice/phone service in the buildings listed. Wired
and wireless connectivity is expected to be restored
within the first few hours of the maintenance window.
However, the entire window is reserved for

09:49:50, 20 September 2017

Contact for this incident report: servicedesk@ucsd.edu

This incident has been open for about 121 days