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Node-B Backbone/Firewall Migration - 6 Nov 23:00

Status: resolved

Update: This maintenance was completed successfully.
08:30:42, 07 November 2017

Incident report: This message is to inform you that ITS has scheduled the following maintenance:

START: 11:00PM Monday, November 6, 2017
STOP: 6:00AM Tuesday, November 7, 2017

SCOPE: Backbone upgrade of Node-B. Migration to Aggregation Layer router and firewall

IMPACT: All wired and wireless network traffic to and from UCSD networks in the following buildings will experience network outages during the upgrade window. This outage will not impact campus voice/phone services or ResNet networks.

Buildings impacted :

Bldg. 201
Bldg 409
Bldg 965
Canyonview Buildings (not Resnet)
Chancellors Complex Buildings
Earl’s Place, Foodworx
Gilman Parking
NC-FM Substation
Pepper Canyon Hall
Prebys Music Center
Preuss School
Price Center including Bookstore
Visual Arts
Warren Lecture Hall

09:22:29, 01 November 2017

Contact for this incident report: servicedesk@ucsd.edu

This incident has been open for about 79 days